Product Proving and Reliability Engineering Lab

LTVS Product Proving and Reliability Engineering lab is one of the best fully-equipped laboratory in this part of Asia. The purpose of this lab is to facilitate improvement of the reliability of products manufactured by LTVS continuously to ever-increasing levels. This lab is equipped with test rigs and facilities to prove LTVS products to the test standards of Indian and overseas vehicle manufacturers and also to the LTVS test standards (established based on the failure modes already experienced and potential ones). The product proving process carried out by LTVS also aims at reliability growth for LTVS products for Indian and overseas usage conditions; for example, for Indian usage conditions, the products are subject to abuse tests specific to Indian road and vehicle driving conditions. In this lab, testing requirements of most of the international vehicle manufacturers are met satisfactorily.

Alternator Endurance testing

Starter Endurance testing on the engines

Minus 40 deg C cold chamber for testing of Starter with the vehicle

High Pressure Water jet test rig

Wiping System assy endurance test rig

Salt Mist test rig

Biaxial Combined Vibration Temperature Humidity test rig

Environmental Parameters test rig

Starter Water immersion test rig

Water Spray test rig

Dust Application test rig

Environmental Parameters test rig

Three Zone thermal shock test rig

Load, speed and temperature cycling Life

Noise Measurement Facilities