Product Design

Product design is carried out using 3D Software such as Pro/E, Catia or Unigraphics as required by the customers for easy interaction and on-line design reviews, while designing LTVS products for the engine and vehicle systems of the customers. Computer aided engineering is extensively used for product design and development, through computerized electromagnetic design, motor design, stress and fatigue analysis, optimisation of design, reliability engineering, etc.



CATIA – V4 and V5 – 3D CAD



ANSYS – FEA (electromagnetic, stress, vibration, thermal)

RELIASOFT – Reliability studies

PRO MECHANICA – Kinematics

SABER – System simulation

MATH CAD – Engineering analysis

DESIGN SPACE – Design optimization

CREAX – innovation

DEBONE tools - creativity

MAGNET – cogging torque analysis

MINITAB – Statistical tools

Teams of highly qualified scientists, engineers and technicians continuously keep in contact with customers and ensure customer-friendly technology development. Working together with the customer from the initial stages of vehicle development is one of the major strengths of LTVS R&D. This helps in ensuring that the customers’ requirements are thoroughly understood and built into LTVS new products at the early stages of design.