Technology - Manufacturing

Products are manufactured using state-of-the-art facilities organised in Product Units, Modules, Nagare Cells and Assembly Cells, and incorporating Quick Change Tooling, Poka Yoke and Chaku Chaku (Load-switch-Walk). The condition of machines is monitored and maintained by TPM techniques and the schedule adherence is monitored by DRM (Daily Routine Management) while Process & Product Quality are ensured by strict adherence to LTVS Quality System Procedures. Continuous Improvements or Made through SGAs, task forces and QITs using Cross Functional Teams. The Manufacturing processes are competently backed up by an advanced Tool Room and an inhouse SPM/ Process Plant manufacturing facility. The entire organisation is firmly entrenched in the change process and committed to CIP (Continuous Improvement Programme).







Total Quality Management (TQM)

Lucas-TVS, believes that quality begins and ends with the customer. This means identifying customer needs and comprehensively meeting them. For the company, quality is not just conformance to drawings or specifications but ensuring customer satisfaction and further Customer Delight. This belief forms the basis of its approach to Total Quality Management (TQM). Quality Assurance methods like Advanced Product Quality Planning, Statistical Process Control Techniques, Effective Tool Management System, Process Capability Improvements, Preventive Maintenance, Producer Control and Small Group Activities form the backbone of the system approach adopted.

In its continuous pursuit of both technological as well as methodological excellence, Lucas-TVS has scripted yet another new dimension to manufacturing by not only adopting the Cellular Manufacturing System / JIT but also extending the same to its Suppliers. By the implementation of this system components from its suppliers are delivered on a pull basis with First-In First-Out concept supported by simple visual controls and supplied to the line on an hourly basis with KANBAN system.