The TVS Group traces its origin to a rural transport service, founded in 1911 in Tamil Nadu, India. Today, this renowned business conglomerate remains faithful to its core ideals of trust, value, service and ethics. The TVS Group is India's leading supplier of automotive components and one of the country's most respected business groups. With a combined turnover of more than USD 7 billion, the TVS Group employs a total workforce of around 25,000. Charting a steady growth in terms of expansion and diversification, it currently comprises around 43 companies. These companies operate in diverse fields ranging from two-wheeler and automotive component manufacturing to automotive dealerships, finance and electronics. Uniting these multiple businesses is a common ethos of quality, customer service and social responsibility.


  • 7+ Billion USD
  • 100 years in the business of vehicle dealership spanning parts distribution, parts manufacturing and two wheelers manufacturing
  • Culture of customer commitment and employee involvement
  • Pioneer in Quality and Productivity movement in India
  • Two companies have won Deming Grand prize (former JQM), three companies have won Deming Application Prize