Gear Reduction


  • Pinion designed to meet customer requirements
  • Protected against water and oil ingress
  • Pull-in voltage 8V for 12V starter Motor and 14V for 24V Starter Motor
  • Flange mounted to flywheel housing
  • Spigot diameter location, with two or three fixing holes to suit the installation
  • Roller Clutch for over run protection
  • Fully Sealed Starter (0 Ring, Oil Seal, Shroud & Dust cover in Drive end provided) optional
  • Cover plate In situ Moulding (to prevent dust entering in the gear assembly and for less noisy operation.)
  • Epicyclic Gear train
  • Sintered planetary gears and annulus for higher load capability
  • Permanent Magnetic field for light and medium duty starter motors
  • Thermal cutout provided to prevent armature burning due to over cranking

Gear Reduction - Range