Advance Engineering

LTVS continuously monitors the requirements of international customers for Auto electrical products. To meet the requirements of OEMs in the next 3 – 5 years, several new breakthrough products are under development in Advance Engineering section. Teams of engineers in Advance Engineering continuously innovate and develop new products to delight the customers and end-users. The basic requirements of such developments are based on continuous interactions with customers and end-users to understand their unfulfilled needs. This team also continuously reviews the usage of LTVS products by the end-users and identifies the new requirements and design add-on features and functionalities to these products, in advance of the requirements proposed by OEMs.

Also the teams have developed contacts and access to the contemporary technology under development in our range of products, in other parts of the world, so that new innovations and breakthroughs can be created further for implementation in the near future.

BLDC for Indian Railways
48V DC and 230V AC Ceiling Fans
BLDC Motor for refrigerators