Lucas TVS – An Overview

Lucas TVS was established in 1962 as Joint Venture between Lucas Plc. UK and TVS Group, India. Lucas started operations in India from 1930 as Lucas Indian Service for providing warranty and aftersales service to many of the imported vehicles which carried Lucas parts.

Initially with Starters, Dynamos and Distributor products, Lucas TVS, over the years, commenced providing complete system solutions in Auto Electricals, specialized motors for Air Compressors, Stop - Start systems, Engine Cooling modules, Ignition products, Diesel Fuel Injection systems etc.

Lucas TVS develops and integrates their products in the vehicles and equipment, from the design stage onwards and carries out application engineering, development, manufacturing and service.

The company developed innovative products, manufacturing systems and processes, which had brought growth in business and this could result in Lucas TVS being one of the few companies in the World to be awarded the Deming Application Prize and the Deming Grand Prize, by Union of Japanese Scientists & Engineers and setting benchmarks in the industry.

Lucas TVS relies on investing in both people and infrastructure. Lucas TVS has established R&D and Product Proving and Reliability testing facilities, which have been recognised by the Government of India – Dept. of Science & Technology.

In the year 2001 Lucas TVS became a wholly owned company of TVS Group, as Lucas the parent company ceased to exist worldwide. While this might have created a technological challenge, Lucas TVS recognised this as an opportunity and exploited successfully; today 75% of revenues are from products engineered and developed locally by Lucas TVS. Lucas TVS is currently supplying to over 90% of automotive manufacturers in India and also exporting to North America and Europe.

Lucas TVS products find applications in Two/Three Wheelers, Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Tractors & Stationery Engines. Through export partners, Lucas TVS products are also integrated into some of the top global brands like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Rolls Royce, etc.

While Starters and Alternators form the backbone of products, Lucas TVS established new benchmarks, focusing on higher efficiency at lighter weight and costs, being the present focus of automotive industry – e.g. the new SGM25 starter for 1.2L gasoline vehicles, high efficiency alternators (around 78% at lower speeds) to cater to the increased power requirements of gadgets and gizmos used in the vehicles, 150A Bus Alternator for the new luxury buses to run the air conditioners, onboard entertainment and electronics and 180A bus alternators for batteryless option. This contributes to the Govt. of India ‘Make in India’ challenge.

Lucas TVS has developed Stop-Start Systems, Integral Starter Generators, Emission Control products like Urea Pumps and Brushless Motor Technologies, to take care of the growing need of environmental strategies of India.

Lucas TVS has identified the need in the consumer industry, with synergy developed by Lucas TVS over the years and is working with some of the leading consumer product manufacturers in India to provide energy saving solutions using Brushless Motors and Integrated Controls to meet the strict Energy Star Requirements of their products – e.g. motors in refrigerators, air conditioners, air handling as well as basic high efficiency home fans, pumping solutions, etc.

Lucas TVS - Customer Oriented Organisation

Based on the capabilities and commitment to support the society, Lucas TVS has been selected by the Government of India to partner with the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Madras in the next generation rural electrification pilot projects from the infant stage itself.

Looking into the future, Lucas TVS is able to fulfill the vision of being a company that will be deeply involved in the field of auto electricals and mechatronics as well as a significant player in consumer goods industry recognized for quality, technology and energy savings worldwide.